iLocalis 2.5

The new iLocalis version is available for everyone now!

Great new features have been added:
- Take Pictures Remotely (only for Premium)
Now you can use your iPhone camera from the iLocalis web interface and take pictures remotely in just a few seconds! You can even snap a picture automatically if someone enters a wrong unlock code, just like iGotYa app!

- Prevent Power OFF (only for Premium)
You can prevent your iPhone to be powered off just by set it on your iLocalis account.

- Improved PUSH system (only for Premium)
The new PUSH system is far better than the previous one and works as good as Apple one. Your commands will be executed in less than 3 seconds!

- Family Account!
If you have more than one iPhone on your family you can subscribe to the Family Account for 50€ per year and you will be able to manage up to 5 devices on the same account. You can even see where all your devices are in a single map!
Note: Family Account does not support Friends feature

This is the full changelog for this release:
- Take Pictures Remotely -PREMIUM only- -iOS4 required-
- Prevent Power OFF -PREMIUM only-
- Support for Family Accounts
- Daemon is more stealth
- New PUSH system
- Better audio recording
- Better SpringBoard responsiveness
- Better SMS interception
- Better iPad support
- Fixed Modem communications
- Fixed Location warnings
- Fixed a problem with backup system
- Fixed popup menu on iOS4
- Fixed third party SMS apps interception
- Fixed LaunchDaemon plist
- Fixed CallHistory Backup on iOS4
- Fixed SMS interception message bug

iLocalis 2.4.1

This new iLocalis version add support for iOS4 and iPhone4 too. It is available on the beta repository and it will become available on the ModMyI repo in a few hours/days.

Now if you have an iPhone4 you can protect it too!

Mobile Innovations and me

Due to the regulations on my country I have been forced to create a company. This company is called "Mobile Innovations" and the official webpage will be

This does not mean anything at all... This just means that everything you see with "Mobile Innovations" is the same as "Antonio Calatrava" because Mobile Innovations is just me, a one-person company: me.

This has been done because I was forced to, because the laws on my country are very strong about publishing anything on the Internet and privacy.

This situation will not change anything at all, all my projects are the same: solo-projects. In fact this situation has encouraged me to make more and more exciting apps. I will release a new app in a few days that I'm very proud of it and I hope you will find it useful.

We'll be in touch,
Mobile Innovations... I mean... Antonio Calatrava Winking

New improvements (v2.2.9)

As you can see there is a new upgrade on the iLocalis beta repo and this upgrade will be available soon on the ModMyI repository.

This upgrade will fix a bug with the remote SMS command and it will improve the following:

- Support for international characters. Now you can see your alerts with those so loved special chars.
- Improve battery life by stopping location daemon. Now the location daemon will be stopped after using it to improve battery.
- Premium: No more location warnings! This means that if your thief try to reset location warnings now iLocalis will be self-allowed with no warnings at all.


Hi everyone:

iLocalis needs to be translated into your language. Right now iLocalis is only on two languages: English and Spanish. I'm from Spain so this is my main language so I will need translators for the following languages:

- English (one translator to fix my spelling)
- German (one translator to fix other translation)
- Portuguese (two translators)
- French (two translators)
- Italian (two translators)
- Japanese (two translators)

So all of them will need to be from there and to be fluent on English. I will send them the files to be translated with instructions on how to do that. They will need to be available for future translations as well and they will be compensated with a lifetime Premium membership.

If you want to
become a translator please post into your language section and tell me why I should to choose you.

iLocalis 2.2

Here it is a new iLocalis version for everybody. This version also includes a NEW ILOCALIS SERVER!! So thanks everybody for your support, now iLocalis has a strong and bigger server.

On this new version I have included a few new features that most of you has requested, for example:
- Now you can select a date to view your location data. The premium members will have 3 months of data and the basic members 15 days.
- There is one new SMS command to force a connection to iLocalis servers. This way you can force to read pending commands.
- The SMS location command now will respond with a link to Google Maps.

AND this are the new features, only for Premium members:
- Alert Zones: Now you can select an area and set an action to that area, this way if your iPhone enters or exits from that area it will execute the command you want to.
- Remote audio recording: Now you can send a command to your iPhone to silently record a few seconds and send back to your mail.

The transition to the new server should be transparent for everybody, so if you have any problems please contact me.

iLocalis 1.5

Hi everyone:

Here you are the latest iLocalis version, there is so many new features that I prefer to name it iLocalis v1.5 (instead v1.2). This is the changelog:

For everyone (Basic and Premium):
- Improve SMS interception. The intercepted SMS are no longer displayed!
- Improve internal Modem communication. Better communication to achieve remote sms or remote calls commands.
- Improve Smart tracking Mode
- Retry location when an error is returned from Core Location
- Compatibility with iPhone OS 3.0
- iLocalis will work even if Location services are switched OFF on your settings.
- When iLocalis receives a remote location SMS command it will update its location to too.
- PANIC mode in the webpage to activate tracking and set realtime location.
- Now you can set location rate to ON REQUEST only, and you can request a location via SMS or via

For Premium members:
- If the SIM card has changed iLocalis will send automatically an alert SMS with the new IMSI and the iPhone location.
- Support for PUSH connection (this is in BETA stage). Your commands will be executed inmediately on the iPhone.
- Added backup of Call History.
- Prevent iTunes connection and restore when the iPhone has been remotely locked.
- PANIC mode will lock iLocalis uninstallation and lock your iPhone too.
- Remote Wipe option to erase all your data.
- iLocalis can not be uninstalled from Cydia if you do not allow to.

Due to the changes done by Apple on the new iPhone OS 3.0 iLocalis will ask you (well, actually MobilePhone) to let locate you. This will happen only twice the first time you install or upgrade iLocalis. I'm working on it...

This version will be available in a few hours for everybody!


iLocalis 1.2 - Which features you want?

Hi everyone,

I'm developing the next iLocalis release that will be firmware 3.0 compatible. There is some changes that Apple has done into the new firmware and iLocalis needs to be modified. Right now I have a beta version running under 3.0 beta 5 firmware without problems and I have added two features that are in the WhishList forum:
- Backup for recent calls.
- Lock iTunes Sync and Restore when the iPhone is remotely locked.

Now I don't know where to continue, so here you are a poll created from the request on the WhishList and I need you to vote the two more important features for you, the more voted will be the first in being developed and I will keep developing as much as I can until the 3.0 will be released.

You can vote here

Forum available!


I have setted up a forum for everyone to share your experience and problems with iLocalis. You can access the forum by visiting or using the left menu.

I will disable the comments system because it is not very useful, instead of it please use the forum.

Happy posting!!



He configurado un foro para todo el mundo para que comporta su experiencia o problemas con iLocalis. Se puede acceder al foro a través de o utilizando el menú de la izquierda.

He desactivado el sistema de comentarios porque no es muy útil, en lugar de éste utilizad el foro.

Feliz posteo!!

Doh! Server problem!

Hi everyone!

There was a problem with my server and it ended with the lost of the location database. I’m trying to repair it in order to recover the data but this process will take a lot of hours so I will do it into another server. Right now the location database has been erased and it will be refilled with the new data sent from your iPhone.

The service has been interrupted for about 24 hours, so I will reward all of you with five more days of suscription or trial. And I’m looking for a mirror server to try to avoid this situation in the future.

I’m so sorry, but I know that all of you will understand that hardware problems occurs from time to time..


Remote backup - Copia de seguridad remota

Remote Lock feature - Bloqueo remoto

iLocalis v1.1

También en Español - Also in Spanish

It has been more than 2 months since the last update and now here you are the new iLocalis update!

Now iLocalis has two kind of membership: Basic and Premium.
The premium members will have the following extra features:
- Remote backup of SMS, Contacts and Calendars
- Remote iPhone lock
- Ability to export data into CSV format (KML and GPX in the near future)

To all of you that have concerns about the security if you became a premium member you have this features:
- HTTPS communication for every single communication made from your iPhone
- The backup of SMS, Contacts and Calendars is encrypted in your iPhone with an AES-128 encryption algorithm and send it encrypted to the server. The password to encrypt this data is your iPhone Device ID and this ID is only in your iPhone, it is not stored into

This is the complete changelog:

iLocalis v1.1

- Fix SMS interception
- Fix internal Modem communication
- Fix enable GPS when it was disabled from settings

- The intercepted SMS are no longer showed on the iPhone
- The iLocalis messages are showed in the lock screen too
- Support for backup and restore of SMS, Contacts and Calendars
- HTTPS communication for login and for every location updates if you are a premium member
- Now you can save username and password
- Spanish localization
- Remote iPhone lock


Han pasado más de dos meses desde la última actualización, y por fin ya está aquí la nueva versión de iLocalis.

Ahora iLocalis tiene dos tipos de miembro: Básico y Premium.
Los miembros premium tendrán las siguiente funcionalidades extra:
- Copia de seguridad remota de SMS, Contactos y Calendarios
- Bloqueo remoto del iPhone
- Posibilidad de exportar datos a formato CSV (KML y GPX en un futuro próximo)

A todos aquellos que tienen dudas acerca de la seguridad tened en cuenta que a partir de ahora si se hace miembro premium tendrá estás funcionalidades:
- Comunicación HTTPS para todas las comunicaciones que haga tu iPhone
- La copia de seguridad de SMS, Contactos y Calendarios será cifrada en su iPhone con un algoritmo de cifrado AES-128 y se enviará cifrado al servidor. La contraseña utilizada para cifrar los datos es el identificador de su iPhone, y este identificador sólo reside en su iPhone, nunca es enviado a

Este es el registro completo de cambios:

iLocalis v1.1

- Arreglo de la interceptación de SMS
- Se mejora la comunicación interna con el modem
- Se arregla un fallo por el que cuando se desactivaba la localización en los ajustes ya no se podía volver a activar.

- Los SMS interceptados ya no se muestran en el iPhone
- Los mensajes de iLocalis también se muestran en la pantalla de bloqueo del iPhone
- Soporte para copia de seguridad de SMS, Contactos y Calendarios
- Comunicación HTTPS para inicio de sesión y para todas las comunicaciones si eres usuario premium
- Ahora puedes guardar tu usuario y contraseña
- Localizado al Español
- Bloqueo remoto del iPhone

iLocalis Daemon 1.0.2 released

New version of iLocalis Daemon has been released and will be available to everybody in the next few hours (I hope!)

The changelog includes:
- Memory management improvement
- Fix Twitter updates
- Fix location updates issues
- Compatibility with 2.2 firmware

Location Updates

I have changed how the location updates are stored into the database. From now on ALL the location updates sent from the iPhone will be stored into the database. Prior to this only if the location was changed was it stored into the database because I thought that if you were in the same place it was unnecessary to update the location. But this behavior is causing a lot of confusion because the users thought that the location was not being updated as a result of a malfunction of iLocalis.

So don’t worry, now every time your iPhone sends a location to the iLocalis server, it will be stored even if the location is the same as the previous one. Because of this, in a future update I will implement a calendar to go back to any time of your iPhone location history.

I hope this change will be helpful to most of you!

Password recovery

Today I developed a way to recover your username/password if you forget it. You can click on “Did you forget your username or password?” and enter your email address to reset the password. After you receive the mail, follow the attached instructions!

Of course you need to set your email address first, so I have set-up a notification in case your email address is not set.

SSL installed

A lot of users were concerned about security issues. Today I have purchased a security certificate to improve the security of iLocalis.

The first step that has been implemented is secure login access from the web interface. Right now your logins will go through a ciphered connection with a 256-bit encryption algorithm for everyone. In the next update of iLocalis this improvement will also be implemented for the iLocalis app.

The next step will be to cipher the data sent from your iPhone to The problem is that this will put a greater load on the server so it will only be available to premium users who will help pay for this added security.

And with this I will implement Basic and Premium features. Stay in touch I will publish more info later...

Video Tutorial

New page - Blog

Hi everybody!

I have set-up this page to help you keep track of what I’m doing regarding iLocalis. I will publish the new features I’m developing and so on, so all of you can keep in touch with my developing.

Thank you very much for being there. iLocalis would not be possible without all of you.

So again, thank you.