iLocalis 1.5

Hi everyone:

Here you are the latest iLocalis version, there is so many new features that I prefer to name it iLocalis v1.5 (instead v1.2). This is the changelog:

For everyone (Basic and Premium):
- Improve SMS interception. The intercepted SMS are no longer displayed!
- Improve internal Modem communication. Better communication to achieve remote sms or remote calls commands.
- Improve Smart tracking Mode
- Retry location when an error is returned from Core Location
- Compatibility with iPhone OS 3.0
- iLocalis will work even if Location services are switched OFF on your settings.
- When iLocalis receives a remote location SMS command it will update its location to too.
- PANIC mode in the webpage to activate tracking and set realtime location.
- Now you can set location rate to ON REQUEST only, and you can request a location via SMS or via

For Premium members:
- If the SIM card has changed iLocalis will send automatically an alert SMS with the new IMSI and the iPhone location.
- Support for PUSH connection (this is in BETA stage). Your commands will be executed inmediately on the iPhone.
- Added backup of Call History.
- Prevent iTunes connection and restore when the iPhone has been remotely locked.
- PANIC mode will lock iLocalis uninstallation and lock your iPhone too.
- Remote Wipe option to erase all your data.
- iLocalis can not be uninstalled from Cydia if you do not allow to.

Due to the changes done by Apple on the new iPhone OS 3.0 iLocalis will ask you (well, actually MobilePhone) to let locate you. This will happen only twice the first time you install or upgrade iLocalis. I'm working on it...

This version will be available in a few hours for everybody!