Mobile Innovations and me

Due to the regulations on my country I have been forced to create a company. This company is called "Mobile Innovations" and the official webpage will be

This does not mean anything at all... This just means that everything you see with "Mobile Innovations" is the same as "Antonio Calatrava" because Mobile Innovations is just me, a one-person company: me.

This has been done because I was forced to, because the laws on my country are very strong about publishing anything on the Internet and privacy.

This situation will not change anything at all, all my projects are the same: solo-projects. In fact this situation has encouraged me to make more and more exciting apps. I will release a new app in a few days that I'm very proud of it and I hope you will find it useful.

We'll be in touch,
Mobile Innovations... I mean... Antonio Calatrava Winking