iLocalis 2.2

Here it is a new iLocalis version for everybody. This version also includes a NEW ILOCALIS SERVER!! So thanks everybody for your support, now iLocalis has a strong and bigger server.

On this new version I have included a few new features that most of you has requested, for example:
- Now you can select a date to view your location data. The premium members will have 3 months of data and the basic members 15 days.
- There is one new SMS command to force a connection to iLocalis servers. This way you can force to read pending commands.
- The SMS location command now will respond with a link to Google Maps.

AND this are the new features, only for Premium members:
- Alert Zones: Now you can select an area and set an action to that area, this way if your iPhone enters or exits from that area it will execute the command you want to.
- Remote audio recording: Now you can send a command to your iPhone to silently record a few seconds and send back to your mail.

The transition to the new server should be transparent for everybody, so if you have any problems please contact me.