iLocalis 2.5

The new iLocalis version is available for everyone now!

Great new features have been added:
- Take Pictures Remotely (only for Premium)
Now you can use your iPhone camera from the iLocalis web interface and take pictures remotely in just a few seconds! You can even snap a picture automatically if someone enters a wrong unlock code, just like iGotYa app!

- Prevent Power OFF (only for Premium)
You can prevent your iPhone to be powered off just by set it on your iLocalis account.

- Improved PUSH system (only for Premium)
The new PUSH system is far better than the previous one and works as good as Apple one. Your commands will be executed in less than 3 seconds!

- Family Account!
If you have more than one iPhone on your family you can subscribe to the Family Account for 50€ per year and you will be able to manage up to 5 devices on the same account. You can even see where all your devices are in a single map!
Note: Family Account does not support Friends feature

This is the full changelog for this release:
- Take Pictures Remotely -PREMIUM only- -iOS4 required-
- Prevent Power OFF -PREMIUM only-
- Support for Family Accounts
- Daemon is more stealth
- New PUSH system
- Better audio recording
- Better SpringBoard responsiveness
- Better SMS interception
- Better iPad support
- Fixed Modem communications
- Fixed Location warnings
- Fixed a problem with backup system
- Fixed popup menu on iOS4
- Fixed third party SMS apps interception
- Fixed LaunchDaemon plist
- Fixed CallHistory Backup on iOS4
- Fixed SMS interception message bug