iLocalis 1.2 - Which features you want?

Hi everyone,

I'm developing the next iLocalis release that will be firmware 3.0 compatible. There is some changes that Apple has done into the new firmware and iLocalis needs to be modified. Right now I have a beta version running under 3.0 beta 5 firmware without problems and I have added two features that are in the WhishList forum:
- Backup for recent calls.
- Lock iTunes Sync and Restore when the iPhone is remotely locked.

Now I don't know where to continue, so here you are a poll created from the request on the WhishList and I need you to vote the two more important features for you, the more voted will be the first in being developed and I will keep developing as much as I can until the 3.0 will be released.

You can vote here

iLocalis v1.1

También en Español - Also in Spanish

It has been more than 2 months since the last update and now here you are the new iLocalis update!

Now iLocalis has two kind of membership: Basic and Premium.
The premium members will have the following extra features:
- Remote backup of SMS, Contacts and Calendars
- Remote iPhone lock
- Ability to export data into CSV format (KML and GPX in the near future)

To all of you that have concerns about the security if you became a premium member you have this features:
- HTTPS communication for every single communication made from your iPhone
- The backup of SMS, Contacts and Calendars is encrypted in your iPhone with an AES-128 encryption algorithm and send it encrypted to the server. The password to encrypt this data is your iPhone Device ID and this ID is only in your iPhone, it is not stored into

This is the complete changelog:

iLocalis v1.1

- Fix SMS interception
- Fix internal Modem communication
- Fix enable GPS when it was disabled from settings

- The intercepted SMS are no longer showed on the iPhone
- The iLocalis messages are showed in the lock screen too
- Support for backup and restore of SMS, Contacts and Calendars
- HTTPS communication for login and for every location updates if you are a premium member
- Now you can save username and password
- Spanish localization
- Remote iPhone lock


Han pasado más de dos meses desde la última actualización, y por fin ya está aquí la nueva versión de iLocalis.

Ahora iLocalis tiene dos tipos de miembro: Básico y Premium.
Los miembros premium tendrán las siguiente funcionalidades extra:
- Copia de seguridad remota de SMS, Contactos y Calendarios
- Bloqueo remoto del iPhone
- Posibilidad de exportar datos a formato CSV (KML y GPX en un futuro próximo)

A todos aquellos que tienen dudas acerca de la seguridad tened en cuenta que a partir de ahora si se hace miembro premium tendrá estás funcionalidades:
- Comunicación HTTPS para todas las comunicaciones que haga tu iPhone
- La copia de seguridad de SMS, Contactos y Calendarios será cifrada en su iPhone con un algoritmo de cifrado AES-128 y se enviará cifrado al servidor. La contraseña utilizada para cifrar los datos es el identificador de su iPhone, y este identificador sólo reside en su iPhone, nunca es enviado a

Este es el registro completo de cambios:

iLocalis v1.1

- Arreglo de la interceptación de SMS
- Se mejora la comunicación interna con el modem
- Se arregla un fallo por el que cuando se desactivaba la localización en los ajustes ya no se podía volver a activar.

- Los SMS interceptados ya no se muestran en el iPhone
- Los mensajes de iLocalis también se muestran en la pantalla de bloqueo del iPhone
- Soporte para copia de seguridad de SMS, Contactos y Calendarios
- Comunicación HTTPS para inicio de sesión y para todas las comunicaciones si eres usuario premium
- Ahora puedes guardar tu usuario y contraseña
- Localizado al Español
- Bloqueo remoto del iPhone

iLocalis Daemon 1.0.2 released

New version of iLocalis Daemon has been released and will be available to everybody in the next few hours (I hope!)

The changelog includes:
- Memory management improvement
- Fix Twitter updates
- Fix location updates issues
- Compatibility with 2.2 firmware